Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tulsa,Geckos and Warcraft

Sorry for the Lack of updates this week
been very busy with school work and well spring break
so blizzard sent me a free 10 day trial to wrath of the lich king on my old account
that was 3 days ago
last night i hit 64 with a new character
a female blood elf retribution paladin  
names ifu on the illidan server

went to the philbrook art museum today
it was kool but i don't much care for the activity of simply viewing art
on the way back home today
stopped by the animal feed store/pet store southern agriculture

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new games have been added
check out cube field under the fun section
gotta be my favorite swf game I have found so far

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Final Fantasy


I am depressed
and have been for a while now
it just seems this existence is to simple

being a child who understood the meaning and concepts of every word my preacher told me
as a child of a vengeful god i i exist forever within a heaven or tormented and unrest forever in hell
pulled between two entity's

lost my faith since then,but through science i know infinity is beyond that of myself.a life formed from energy and matter.though my matter shall wither rot and die.the energy that is me shall ripple out across the universe of it may collide with matter millions of light years away.other threads of me may reach a spot to where everything i have ever conceived shall burst into new matter.though no man on this planet would ever be aware, except maybe thousands of years from now a man looking through a telescope shall see a star be born,and that star will be part of what was me from earth.

forever i have dreamed of accidence,to truly understand this existence
a child who see's light cut water in the sky'creating colors that rain from the heaven's
 when tetsuo learned to fly
ever time renton reaches from eureka falling from the sky
for every accinding,dieing super saiyan
for Vash for all his pain
for every memory cloud forgot
every drop of blood a vampire drink's
i Cry for everything this world can never show me
i cry for every sensation this life can never give me
have you seen outside?its green brown and blue

and everything shits

as a man on this earth have little option's and what mankind see's as greatness bores me

from all this,freedom is for the bird's and as a man you'l never fly

Monday, March 14, 2011

Online College,like Vietnam i don't recommend either of them.but i do recommended highgene

BEWARE:this is a really long post

So after not being able to afford the bill at dorms (required for enrollment at osu freshman year) i had to switch schools to keep my loans from defaulting while i pay osu, so i enroll at an online college so i can keep going to school and get my next round of student loans (i'm an orphan). so my over all plan was to get this dispersement and give it to osu so i can re enroll there since i did make it to sophomore credits i can go there now and live off campus. so easy right? wrong
for the second time I've had to prove my status as a independent. if you don't know what this means for student loan's its like this, until you turn 24 legally you are required to have you'r parent's/legal guardian's information. since both my parents are deceased and i have since legally removed myself from any relation to my adoptive family (abuse and subject for another post). so at 21 i have no tax information to give them or have anyone that is there to bail me out or supplement my income in any way, some people don't seem to realize how much having family is relevant to you'r success in life.
but since turning 19 i have lived on my own and been trying to recover my education from not even a high school diploma to a sophomore in college. anyways getting off subject iv'e completed a quarter at my online college and have started into the second week of a second quarter.they have yet to complete my award letter (financial aid disbursement) for my first quarter "supposedly" since when i check my balance online it says that my bill for them is $0.00. when i speak to my financial aid advisor she tell's me that awards letters are processed in the order received. so ok im going  to describe this time line best i can.  
▲1 December 16,(also me Bday WEEEEEE!!!) i enroll in this online college and complete my FAFSA application
▲2classes start January 9,
▲3 week later my application goes under review to prove my status of independends
▲4 i need 2 death certificates 1 from texas 600 miles away and another from tulsa and an ice storm hits covering the roads in ice for 3 weeks
▲2 i complete my application with all proof of my Independence (death certificates, taxes ,proof of income,etc) the first day the roads are clear so like febuary 8 we'll say.
▲3 16 days ago my advisor gets my documentation into the review office to finalize for my award letter

starting to get worried i'm helping some scam artist in south america steal grant money from the goverment and im just plain not okay with my education being toiled with when i am an A student in all my courses.

does anyone else feel me?

Beware National american university 

ooooops my typing must have slipped and i let you know the name of this horrible institution, really wish my back button wasn't broken !hehe!

in other news
tough actin tinactin really works for all your fungus issues
vagisil can help with that grey feeling feminine oder
purell is my favorite hand sanitizer

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring spreak/worries

Spring break 2011 started in Oklahoma officially Friday
Though here in the 405 we have been calling it the second half of spring break since we got almost 2 weeks off in January do to some crazy ice storms(it doesn't snow it ices)
anyways unlike the first half,the town is completely deserted.
this is really nice since usually there's 20,000 thousand people + living in this small,small college town that leave during the break's and in the summer
would be perfect to go Bomb the main streets while most of the population is out of town

anway's got nothing to do over spring break but enjoy the wheather and Blog

i was planning to post with more information about the tragedy in japan but my friend studying over sea's there seem's to be Missing in action and this worries me
i hope to hear from him soon and post a real description of the situation there unlouded by the views of corparations like fox or CNN

anyways sorry for the fail blog reporting sunday ill get some real info tomarrow 
thanks all for reading

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Website Remixed

The website has been brought back up to date with a new (i feel) more streamlined look

be sure to take a look at the updated design of

so new's yeah
japan is having trouble right now,dealing with a failing nuclear plant caused by an 8.9 earthquake and being hit by a tsunami title wave the other day.though i do not have a larger post on atm i plan to give a more extensive story about japans condition tomorrow after i talk to a friend and student who is studying abroad in the country.

revolution still going on everywhere,hope it spreads honestly

Looking for suggestions for new flash games to put on the site,id like to add a larger selection but don't know
what to get??

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Website under contrstruction

Sorry not much to say.
my website is down and im going to be pretty busy bringing it back up to date
enjoy another weekend on earth

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Race Car Hits Seagull at 180 MPH

Race Car Hits Seagull at 180 MPH

Found this with an advertisement for a super sized shammy below the title. Google ads, you made my day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Day

This is a short version of my blog post on today
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Its been another good day in america

Id like to give bumps to the god of war series of games and thanks to Santa Monica studios and Sony for producing such a gaming masterpiece.

My next round of classes are starting soon another business management class and environmental science stoked to get both of them started

be sure to check out and help support freedom of speech and free information.

Thanks everyone for reading this Monday

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Feel that the apocalypse is going to be upon us soon
theres probably nothing we can do about it so be sure to enjoy what could possibly be one of the last enjoyable summers we shall ever have but in other news
ive totally destroy my left wrist and right elbow after whiping out at the bottom of a hill i was bombing with a friend on long boards
i recommended long boards and Katana swords for your apocalypse survival kit
also you can get M.R.E's at your local army surplus store along with other military grade survival gear
i hope it's zombie's and not some unstoppable space rock

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Enjoying Blogger

Looking around blooger and iver found a few good blogs already for me to follow looking forward to using blogger to the fullest of its ability to spread my word

Expanding my writeing

Hello everyone i'm trying to reach more people out there about the world and the revolution
2012? i'm starting to believe it myself
anyways this blog is to try and gather people onto my website
got 5 games up atm
please be sure to rate my free writing
and be sure to review the games on the site atm
thanks everyone hope to here from people soon
or i might decide the outside world has gone all 28 days later