Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Final Fantasy


I am depressed
and have been for a while now
it just seems this existence is to simple

being a child who understood the meaning and concepts of every word my preacher told me
as a child of a vengeful god i i exist forever within a heaven or tormented and unrest forever in hell
pulled between two entity's

lost my faith since then,but through science i know infinity is beyond that of myself.a life formed from energy and matter.though my matter shall wither rot and die.the energy that is me shall ripple out across the universe of it may collide with matter millions of light years away.other threads of me may reach a spot to where everything i have ever conceived shall burst into new matter.though no man on this planet would ever be aware, except maybe thousands of years from now a man looking through a telescope shall see a star be born,and that star will be part of what was me from earth.

forever i have dreamed of accidence,to truly understand this existence
a child who see's light cut water in the sky'creating colors that rain from the heaven's
 when tetsuo learned to fly
ever time renton reaches from eureka falling from the sky
for every accinding,dieing super saiyan
for Vash for all his pain
for every memory cloud forgot
every drop of blood a vampire drink's
i Cry for everything this world can never show me
i cry for every sensation this life can never give me
have you seen outside?its green brown and blue

and everything shits

as a man on this earth have little option's and what mankind see's as greatness bores me

from all this,freedom is for the bird's and as a man you'l never fly