Saturday, March 12, 2011

Website Remixed

The website has been brought back up to date with a new (i feel) more streamlined look

be sure to take a look at the updated design of

so new's yeah
japan is having trouble right now,dealing with a failing nuclear plant caused by an 8.9 earthquake and being hit by a tsunami title wave the other day.though i do not have a larger post on atm i plan to give a more extensive story about japans condition tomorrow after i talk to a friend and student who is studying abroad in the country.

revolution still going on everywhere,hope it spreads honestly

Looking for suggestions for new flash games to put on the site,id like to add a larger selection but don't know
what to get??


  1. Liking the look! I feel bad for japan, thats terrible, i would be so scared if I was living there ):

  2. Its relly sad whats happening in Japan

  3. Feel terrible for japan. Followed!