Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring spreak/worries

Spring break 2011 started in Oklahoma officially Friday
Though here in the 405 we have been calling it the second half of spring break since we got almost 2 weeks off in January do to some crazy ice storms(it doesn't snow it ices)
anyways unlike the first half,the town is completely deserted.
this is really nice since usually there's 20,000 thousand people + living in this small,small college town that leave during the break's and in the summer
would be perfect to go Bomb the main streets while most of the population is out of town

anway's got nothing to do over spring break but enjoy the wheather and Blog

i was planning to post with more information about the tragedy in japan but my friend studying over sea's there seem's to be Missing in action and this worries me
i hope to hear from him soon and post a real description of the situation there unlouded by the views of corparations like fox or CNN

anyways sorry for the fail blog reporting sunday ill get some real info tomarrow 
thanks all for reading

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  1. dude a question, Are you Drunk? i cant read nothing cuz of the background has like the same color, had to highlight to read it.

  2. Yeah 2nd that change your background so we can read your stuff buddy!

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  3. yeah thanks guys idk why my tesxt ended up black and not green like i want it to be