Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tulsa,Geckos and Warcraft

Sorry for the Lack of updates this week
been very busy with school work and well spring break
so blizzard sent me a free 10 day trial to wrath of the lich king on my old account
that was 3 days ago
last night i hit 64 with a new character
a female blood elf retribution paladin  
names ifu on the illidan server

went to the philbrook art museum today
it was kool but i don't much care for the activity of simply viewing art
on the way back home today
stopped by the animal feed store/pet store southern agriculture

for full post please visit
new games have been added
check out cube field under the fun section
gotta be my favorite swf game I have found so far


  1. Don't start with warcraft, it's extremly time consuming!

  2. Stick to the school work, a little time off from posting is necessary sometimes!

  3. I think I need glasses. I just noticed your link to I got to visit it - appears to be a lot of good into/material there! Have a great day!

  4. Yeah Warcraft consumes your life